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Customer Care

Sometimes there is still no substitute for assistance which is personal, caring and helpful.  City of Concord's Customer Care reaffirms our commitment to excellence. This mission is shared by our management and operational personnel throughout the organization.

If you need assistance, contact Customer Care at 704-920-5555 or Telecommunications Display Device (TDD) 1 (800) 735-8262.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the City accept credit card payments?

A: Yes. The City accepts online credit card payments for utility services.
Go to: Online Utility Payment

Q: Who do I call when my garbage is missed?

A: Please contact Customer Care at 704-920-5555 the next business day.

Q: When does the City pick up yard waste and/or bulky items?

A: Yard waste is collected weekly on your normal garbage collection day. Bulky waste will be collected every other week with recycling according to the established blue/green zone schedule. The City uses smaller "scout" vehicles to locate bulky and yard waste with GPS technology, allowing collection trucks to go directly where needed. For this reason, residents must have all items at the curb prior to 6:00 a.m. on their collection day.

Q: How do I start utility service?

A: There is a $150 deposit for Electric/Water/Sewer and $75 deposit for Water/Sewer. Requirements for new service are:

1. If renting or leasing, please enclose first and last pages of your lease agreement.

2. Along with the application, please enclose a copy of your picture id such as a valid U.S. driver’s license, college ID, passport, or military ID.
3. A letter of credit from a current or previous utility company (electric, water, or gas only) indicating the most recent 12-month history (with no more than 2 late payments, no disconnects, and no returned checks) may be used in lieu of the required deposit. Please contact your utility company and have letter faxed directly to us at 704-920-6953.
Click here for more information about starting utility service.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Numbers to Know

Customer Care  704-920-5555
Customer Care Fax, 704-920-6953 
Duke Energy, 704-788-7800
Kannapolis Water 704-920-4399
Kannapolis Public Works, 704-920-4200
Time Warner Cable, 704-938-5156
PSNC, 1-877-776-2427
Union Electric, 1-800-632-4949
Heater Utilities, 1-888-540-4264
One-Call Center for Utility Locate, 1-800-632-4949