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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

The City of Concord is offering an easy way for you to participate in a program called Neighbor Helping Neighbor.  Each month you can make a tax-deductible contribution to a fund that will be managed by the Cooperative Christian Ministry. CCM provides crisis financial assistance, food, and counseling.  These funds will be used to aid Concord customers with their utility bills. 

It is quick and simple! Every cent and dollar counts! Here’s how you begin your contribution: Please fill out and electronically sign the online sign-up form to add a recurring charge to your monthly bill or to agree to auto round up each month.  Auto roundup will automatically increase your utility bill to the next whole dollar. For example, if your total bill is $98.25, you will be billed $99.00.  Your contribution to Neighbor Helping Neighbor will be 75 cents.

To stop the contribution: Contact the City of Concord at any time to cease enrollment.

Please note: the customer is responsible for maintaining tax records regarding their contribution.

Sign-up Form

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Neighbor Helping Neighbor Roundup

Round Up Example

In this example, the original bill was $245.84. The Neighbor Helping Neighbor roundup changed the Current Bill Due to $246.00 resulting in $0.16 going to the program.