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Area Plans

Area Plans serve as a guide for making future decisions concerning land use, zoning, transportation improvements, open space, and other capital improvements.  They also serve to identify opportunities for commercial revitalization, economic development, and mixed-use development.

Citizens in Concord play a key role in developing these types of plans. By participating in the planning process, citizens are able to channel neighborhood insights and other suggestions to City planners who can incorporate those ideas into area plans. Citizens and community committee members can participate in the planning process through public forums, surveys, and focus groups.  


Area Plans can also lead to better urban design at the local level.  Area plans can improve the design and management of public space (i.e. the 'public environment', 'public realm' or 'public domain'), and the way public places are experienced and used. Public space includes all spaces used freely on a day-to-day basis by the general public, such as streets, plazas, parks, and public infrastructure. 

For detailed information about Concord's Area Plans please contact Kevin Ashley at 704-920-5149 or email your request to


Area Plans 


Center City Plan

The Center City Plan is designed to develop a set of goals and strategies for the future development and sustainability of the existing neighborhoods that surround the City’s downtown.


Downtown Master Plan

Downtown Concord is historic in nature and continues to retain much of the charm it developed in the 1800's.


NC 73 Corridor Plan

Corridor plans are long range plans for a safe and efficient transportation system developed in collaboration with the affected jurisdictions and the users of the route. 


City-wide (General) Land Use Plan

The General Land Use Plan serves as a planning tool to guide the development of land within the entire City.  The plan serves to protect the assets of the City by promoting good land development regulations.


US Hwy 29/Roberta Church Rd Small Area Plan

This small area plans serve as a guide for land use, zoning, transportation improvements, open space and other capital improvements for a 780 acre area of land close to the intersection of US Hwy 29 and Roberta Church Rd.


Concord Parkway (US Hwy 29) / Warren C. Coleman Blvd (US Hwy 601) Small Area Plan

This small area plan outlines a set of strategies for the area located at the intersection of US Hwy 29 and US Hwy 601, as well as the surrounding communities.