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Pay Your Utility Bill

Temporary utility payment policies in place (updated July 22, 2020)

Governor Cooper has informed municipalities and other utility providers that Executive Order 142 will expire July 29, meaning normal utility billing will resume July 30. We encourage customers who have accrued an unpaid balance of any amount to contact us at 704-920-5555 to establish a payment plan. We understand the financial hardship the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to many customers and our team stands ready to help through this difficult time.

Several statewide Executive Orders temporarily suspended residential utility service disconnections and waived penalties, fees, and interest on amounts due between March 31 and July 29. Payments due before March 31 will be subject to disconnection beginning July 30. If you have an unpaid balance on your account, please contact Customer Care at 704-920-5555 to establish a payment plan and avoid disconnection.

Customers will have at least a six-month period beginning July 30 to pay off unpaid balances that came due between March 31-July 29. Unpaid balances prior to or after this timeframe will be due according to our typical policies. Please contact Customer Care at 704-920-5555 with any questions or concerns regarding payment on your utility account, or if you are having trouble paying your bills. We thank our customers who have remained current or have paid what they are able during this time, and look forward to working with you. Click here for additional information.

Customers who wish to pay their utility bills online, must now sign up for eCare.  eCare is our new customer account information system.  Using eCare customers may:

  • View billing and usage history
  • View service order history
  • Access information for multiple accounts
  • Pay by Credit Card
  • Pay by Electronic Check

Please Note: A  $2.95 convenience is fee applied to all online payments.  To avoid paying this fee we encourage you to use one of our  No Fee Payment Options

Make a one time payment HERE (This site requires pop-ups to be enabled.)

Sign up for eCare

In order to access your account information through eCare, you must first sign up to obtain your PIN.  Please have a copy of your bill handy when signing up.  You will need to enter a meter number listed on your bill to verify that you are signing up for the right account.  You will also need to enter the Name exactly as it appears on your bill (ALL CAPS, etc...).  Entering your correct email address is VERY important, because your PIN number will be emailed to you.  Please double check your email address before hitting submit when you first sign up.  If you fail to receive your password email, make sure that any spam filtering software/service you may be using, is not blocking emails from the domain.     Click here to sign up now. 


Log in to your eCare Account

To log in, you only need the account number on your bill and your PIN number.  To obtain your PIN, you must first sign up.  When you first sign up for eCare, you should receive an email that contains your PIN.  The PIN is randomly generated and contains both numbers and alphabetical characters.  If you have trouble logging in, it may be because some of the letters in your PIN are actually numbers.  An lower case L sometimes looks like the numeral 1.  Try copying and pasting the PIN into the textbox instead of typing it in.  Once you have successfully logged in for the first time, you can easily change your PIN to something you can remember.  

Please Note: In order to match your account number to the eCare format.  Your account number has two parts.  The digits before the dash are your account number.  Enter this in first box.  The two digits after the dash go in the second box. The beginning zeros are optional. For example:

Your account number as it appears on bill:  00123456-00
123456 would go in the first box.  00 would go in the second box. 

The third box is for your 'Personal Identification Number' (also called PIN).  This is your eCare password.  If you have not signed up for eCare yet, you must do so first to obtain your PIN.

You may have already been paying your utility bill online, and logging in with your account number and a password of the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  This password will NOT work with eCare.  You must sign up for eCare and obtain your eCare password.


If you have already signed up and wish to log in, click here.  


If you encounter any problems, please call us at 704-920-5555.

No Fee Payment Options


The following options do NOT require a processing fee.

  • Automatic Bank Draft

    This is by far the easiest option of all and ensures your payment is on time each month - one less thing to worry about.  To enroll in Autopay, log in to your eCARE account and select “Log in to Invoice Cloud” from the left side menu. At the next landing page, select “My Profile” then select “Autopay”. Follow the instructions on the screen to add your payment method and activate Autopay enrollment for your next billing due date.
  • Mail Us a Check

    The City has implemented a lock box payment processing program. To assist us in providing you the most efficient processing of your utility payment, please use the return envelope and billing stub provided to you each month.  Our new payment processing address is:

    City of Concord
    PO Box 580469
    Charlotte, NC 28258-0469

  • Pay in Person by Check or Cash

    Convenient payment county located in City Hall lobby, 35 Cabarrus Avenue W. Drive up drop box available on Market Street beside City Hall.