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New City Hall Project

Project Overview
  • 76,176 square feet
  • Accommodations for at least 135 staff members
  • Brick exterior with precast elements and curtainwall
  • Entry tower reminiscent of historic City Hall demolished in 1957
  • Est. construction cost: $16,950,000
  • Est. Total project cost: $21,350,000
  • Design started December 2013
  • Groundbreaking  July 25, 2014
  • Foundation complete November 2014
  • Interior upfit begins February 2015
  • Exterior complete October 2015
  • Project complete December 2015

Concord City Hall

Opening late 2015 at the corner of Cabarrus Avenue W and Market Street SW
The City of Concord is designing and building a new City Hall to serve the community well into the future. This facility will consolidate the majority of Concord’s administrative services, most of which currently function out of three Downtown buildings. The current municipal building at 26 Union Street S has been in use since 1986 and the structure dates to 1950. City departments are also in the 1957 City Hall at 66 Union Street S (now known as City Hall Annex) and the 1974 former police headquarters at 30 Market Street SW. These aging facilities are all becoming costly to maintain, and far underserve the needs of a growing City of nearly 84,000 residents.
The 75,000 square foot building will offer much needed customer service and efficiency improvements, and is scheduled to be complete in late 2015. The City of Concord has contracted with ADW Architects of Charlotte and CM Black Construction Company of Concord to complete the $20 million project. Although constructed for the future, many design elements are inspired by our history. Most prominent will be the corner tower feature evoking the 1902 City Hall that was demolished in the 1950s.
City Hall is the latest in a series of capital improvements over the last decades needed to enhance the facilities of a once-small town. Concord's population has grown from less than 17,000 residents in 1980 to approximately 27,000 in 1990 and 56,000 in 2000; the community approaches 84,000 people today. Concord is currently the twelfth largest City in North Carolina by population and seventh by land area (60.7 square miles, up from 9.6 in 1980).
Project Location


Concord’s capital projects translate to improved City operations and provide the public services and amenities expected by the community. In the Downtown area, City Council has strategically planned and completed projects leading up to the culmination of a new City Hall. The first steps included constructing the Cabarrus Avenue parking deck in 2002, which greatly reduced the pressure for on-street parking, as well as completing Concord Police Headquarters in 2006.
In accordance with state law, CM Black is serving as the Construction Manager at-risk, who guarantees the total cost of the project. The firm acts as a consultant to the owner in the preconstruction phases to assist with preparation and coordination of bid packages, scheduling, cost control, evaluation, and other services. The same firm then acts as general contractor during construction.

Project updates:

Beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 19, City Hall will be fully open for customers wishing to access City services such as Customer Care, Tax and Utility Payments, Human Resources, Planning and Neighborhood Development, and more. For a sneak preview, check out the latest episode of Cabarrus This Week, available on demand or airing on TWC Channel 22.