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We at the City of Concord are committed to providing the best service and investing in technology that helps us better serve our customers. That’s why we have launched the Smart Community program, which includes the city-wide upgrade of our electric and/or water meters for those serviced by the City. This new technology will open the door for the introduction of a new online portal that includes tools to help you take better control of your electricity and water usage.

In addition to the introduction of this customer portal, the new metering technology offers a number of other key benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Faster electric outage restoration and improved reliability
  • Improved water leak detection
  • A new online portal with tools for all customers to manage electricity and water usage
  • Improved customer service

This technology investment is the foundation for a smart City of Concord, where we can empower customers to help you save money and energy.

To learn more about the advanced meters and how you can prepare, read through this website or call us at 704-920-5555 with questions. You can also read our letter from City Manager Brian Hiatt.